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Dasha German



Dasha German was born in the family of architect and a navy officer; her parents are both also painters and musicians. She started to learn music at the age of 5 and painting at the age of 9.Having graduated from the School of Film and TV she began her acting career as a guest star in musicals, later finding her way to the big screen in The Fast and the Furious International franchise.


  • Show Business (Feature)-Beverly (Supporting)

  • Moscow Stress (Short)-Daria (Lead)

  • Best day (short)-Business woman (Lead)

  • The Streetracers (Feature)-Racing lady (Supporting)

  • Zolushka (Feature)-Deputy daughter (Supporting)

  • Los (short)-Mother in a hospital (Supporting)

  • Polovinki (TV-series)-Daria (Lead)

  • Love Melody (Television)-Svetlana (Supporting)

  • Advokat (TV-series) -Evgeniya (1 episode)

  • How I met your mother (TV-series)-Marina (1 episode)

  • Happy together (TV-series)-1 episode

  • Crooked mirrors kingdom (TV-movie)-Greek Queen

  • Morozko (TV-movie)-The Dutchess

  • The Golden key (TV-movie)

  • Men and Women (Documentary)-Supporting

  • New adventures of Alladin (TV-movie)

  • The Last Painting

  • Girlfriend for hire

  • LOOP (short)

  • Love in the City of Angels

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