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What does a Stunt Performer do?

Stunt Performers perform supervised stunts which are overseen by Stunt Action Co-coordinators, who are responsible for stunts across  all the filming units involved.

Stunt Performers are highly trained and qualified professionals. They usually have some prior experience of working on film sets as extras, walk on’s actors or runners. They are employed by film production companies to take actors' places when dangerous or specialised actions are specified in the script, or to perform roles requiring specific skills, e.g. martial arts, diving, boxing, etc. They duplicate as closely as possible the Actors' appearance and body language while in character, so that stunt scenes can be edited seamlessly into the overall action. They are subject to stringent checks, in order to verify that they can carry out the work effectively and safely. 


Will I need a qualification?


You will have to gain considerable amounts of training and experience at considerable cost to become a Stunt Performer. In order to be accredited by the JISC, you must provide evidence of qualifications to the required standard in six or more of the categories listed below, one of which must be in Group A.

Group A
Fighting – Categories: Martial Arts, Boxing
Group B
Falling – Categories: Trampolining, High Diving
Group C
Riding and Driving – Categories: Horses, Cars, Motorcycles
Group D
Agility and Strength – Categories: Gymnastics, Rock Climbing
Group E
Water – Categories: Swimming, Sub Aqua

You must have qualifications in at least four of the groups and you should be trained in no more than two categories in one group. 
You’ll also need at least one year's experience in each qualification. Throughout your career, you’ll need to keep your skills and qualifications up to date.

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Bishop Briggs - White Flag (Audio)Artist Name
00:00 / 03:51

Our Artist Philip Tan: 2nd Unit Director, stunt and fight co-ordinator

Our Actor and Stuntwoman Monia Moula

Our Actor and Martial Artist Stas Levi 

Our Actor and Stunt Performer Victor Chen

Dale Miller Actor and Stunt Permormer

Our Stunt Artist and Actor Daniel Marica

Our Actress Olga Kurkulina

Our Artist Oliver Sa Stunt Showreel

Our Artist Oliver Sa Fight choreography Show reel

Ron Smoorenburg actor and fight Chorographer

Our 2nd Unit Film Director Phillip Tan

Our Stunt Artist Alexander Kushch

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