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Kevin Sizemore



On the big screen, Kevin is best remembered as Daniel in the coal mining claustrophobic thriller "Mine 9," as Jerry Stearns in the true story about segregation and football in "Woodlawn,", Albert Bagley in "Believe," and David George the man with two first names in the holiday classic "A Christmas Tree Miracle," among others. He is seasoned at playing those "love-to-hate" villain characters with audiences rooting for his redemption.


Kevin has found great success in TV and streaming projects such as the Emmy-nominated series "Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462." He has recurred and guest starred on countless hit TV series including "Chicago P.D.," "Under the Dome", "NCIS," 24," "Timeless," Prison Break," "Resurrection," "Rizzoli & Isles," "Desperate Housewives," "Drop Dead Diva," "Will & Grace," "Weeds, “Diagnosis Murder" and more, including his first role with Andy Griffith on "Matlock." Kevin is also the host of the recently rebooted classic "The Miracle Show."


Wanting to develop his own projects, Kevin created GKg Productions and has since teamed with other industry leaders to produce the films "Believe," "Intensive Care," and "Diary of a Lunatic." GKg continues to have several projects in development and in pre-production.


Whenever he is away on location, Kevin takes time to learn about the community in which he is filming. He often visits with their community organizations that help at-risk youths, a cause close to his heart, to present messages of hope. Above all, Kevin is a die-hard advocate for West Virginia, always welcoming ways to bring positive attention to organizations and cases that benefit his beloved home state.


Kevin is married to celebrity personal trainer, author and host of the podcast "Health Interrupted" Gina Lombardi. They have one son, actor Gunnar Sizemore who is known for his role as Micah Brenner on the tv series Nashville and the voice of many beloved characters animated films and series such as BAO in "Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny" and Jason in the Emmy winning "Craig of the Creek" to name only a few. Gunnar is also an up-and-coming writer and director.



  • 2013 Chained

  • 2015 Believe 

  • 2017 Diary of a Lunatic

  • 2021 Cryptid

  • 2021 Puckheads


  • 2009:  Crossing Over as Agent Sterns

  • 2010:  Good Friday as Jesus

  • 2010:  Closure as Matt West

  • 2011:  Useless as Evan

  • 2011:  Transformers: Dark of the Moon as NASA tech

  • 2011:  Butterfinger the 13th as Sherriff Atkinson

  • 2012:  Shaken as Andrew

  • 2013:  A Christmas Tree Miracle as David George

  • 2013:  Red Line as Jared

  • 2013:  Heartful as Jesse

  • 2013:  Chained as Simmons

  • 2015:  Woodlawn as Jerry Stearns

  • 2016:  Miracles from Heaven as Fire Marshall

  • ​2016: Can I Get a Witness Protection? as Agent Xavier.

  • 2016:  Believe as Albert Bagley

  • 2016:  Domain as Orlando

  • 2017:  Diary of a Lunatic as I AM

  • 2017: The Case for Christ as Dr. Gary Habermas 

  • 2017:  Sweet Summertime as Charlie Shawn 

  • 2017:  Sightings as Detective Brandan Pitney 

  • 2018:  Legal Action as Jay Chambers 

  • 2018:  Intensive Care as Seth 

  • 2018:  Reach as Jack Perkins 

  • 2018:  The Work Wife as Sean 

  • 2019:  Mine 9 as Daniel 

  • 2019:  The World We Make as Jeff Grove 

  • 2019:  My Stepfather’s Secret as Frank 

  • 2019:  Blackbear as Dr. Anthony “Rev” Moore 

  • 2020:  True to The Game 2 as August


  • 1994: Matlock as Basketball Player

  • 1995: Big Dreams & Broken Hearts as Fan Club President

  • 1997: Mystery Files of Shelby Woo as Bob Bushnell 

  • 1997: Frasier as Roz's Date

  • 1999: The Pretender as Reporter 

  • 2000: Diagnosis: Murder as Mickey Hoving 

  • 2000: Pensacola: Wings of Gold as Law Boy 

  • 2001: Commitments as Greg

  • 2001: Resurrection Blvd as Guy Morrison 

  • 2001: JAG: Lieutenant as Harvey Boorman 

  • 2002: CSI: Miami as Officer Cole 

  • 2003: Covert Action as Agent Garrison 

  • 2003: Will and Grace as Patrick 

  • 2004: Threat Matrix as Lieutenant James 

  • 2005: NCIS as Sergeant William Moore (recurring)

  • 2005: E-Ring as Officer Cole 

  • 2005: Weeds as Officer Wick 

  • 2005: Medium as Director

  • 2006: 24 as Brown (recurring)

  • 2006: In Justice as Officer Reese 

  • 2006: Without a Trace as  Ray Mullins 

  • 2008 The Middleman as Officer Stecker 

  • 2008 Prison Break as Harlan (recurring)

  • 2009 Dollhouse as Jack 

  • 2010 Desperate Housewives as Hank Orlofsky 

  • 2011 Rizzoli & Isles as Kevin Flynn 

  • 2012 Blackout Out as Tom (recurring) 

  • 2013 Under the Dome as Paul Randolph (recurring)

  • 2013 Necessary Roughness as Agent Jenkins 

  • 2014 Devious Maids as Rick Hagerty 

  • 2014 Stalker as Greg Miner

  • 2014 Resurrection as Gary Humphrey (recurring) 

  • 2015 Fear the Walking Dead: 462 as Anthony (series regular)

  • 2016 The Fosters as Officer Merritt

  • 2016 Notorious as Graham Barrett

  • 2018 Timeless as Colonel Ryerson

  • 2019 Chicago P. D as Michael Willard

  • 2020 The Dark: The Great Deceiver as Peter Braxton (series regular)

  • 2021 The Miracle Show as Host

  • 2021 Puckheads as (pilot - series regular)


Video games:

  • 1995: Silent Steel as Jagger


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