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Samantha Lockwood



Samantha Lockwood began absorbing the craft of acting, by going on sets with her father, veteran sci-fi icon Gary Lockwood (2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)), and her mother, successful actress and entrepreneur, Denise DuBarry.

Recently, she played bad girl "Cindy Patterson" in Hawaii Five-0 (2010)'s Season 6 premiere episode, "Hawaii Five-0" (2010) {Mai ho'oni i ka wai lana malie (#6.1)}. Many also may have seen her in the top 10 CMY music video, "Goodbyes Made You Mine", as J.T. Hodges' love interest. In 2010, she played the leading lady, "Kate", in the Showtime action comedy, Shoot the Hero (2010), by Christian Sesma. She co-starred as a pill-popping teen in the CSI: NY (2004) episode, CSI: NY: Manhattan Manhunt (2005), Leading role in the Lionsgate western, Mexican Gold (2009) (aka "Return of the Outlaws"), also featured as Topper's girlfriend in Lords of Dogtown (2005). Samantha received excellent reviews for her lead role as "Kate" in Shoot the Hero (2010) by Christian Sesma, in which she starred alongside Jason Mewes and Danny Trejo. The film was released through Warner Brothers and also picked up by Showtime. Modeling and commercial work includes the Miller Light "Skinny Jeans" Super Bowl Commercial, campaigns for Apple, Old Navy Yoga Wear and Khush.

Her first on-camera acting work first started by doing infomercials for Thane Marketing, a company founded by her mother. Soon after, she committed to a life as an actor and followed in the footsteps of her father Gary Lockwood, respected veteran actor and considered an sci-fi icon for his work as "Frank Poole" in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), by Stanley Kubrick, and as "Gary Mitchell" in the Star Trek (1966) pilot, Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966).

She is also known for her yoga. Samantha became the youngest certified Bikram Yoga Teacher at the age of 17 when she completed the rigorous teacher training in Beverly Hills, winning a medal for "Best in Posture". An advanced Yogini she has traveled around the world teaching Bikram Yoga in cities such as Tokyo, Vienna, Istanbul, Milan, London, Marrakesh, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco and more. She owns Bikram Yoga Kauai in Hawaii, which has become known as the premiere hot yoga studio on Kauai. She has been featured as an upcoming actress and yogini in Esquire, American Fitness, Ms. Fitness (cover) and Maxim Magazine where she was first mentioned as the "hottest girl in the movie" for the indie feature, Lords of Dogtown (2005).


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